ng or Hu▓nan provinces. We've selected some of the local favorite▓s.By Liu Jie (China Daily)If the Olympics are a time f▓or medals, many people earned theirs before the Games ▓

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ten had only one option into a city of virtually endless ▓choices. And they have done this in less than 30 years.For foreigners, Beijing in the 1970s was a hardship post. Here was the capital city of a nation of more than 1 billion people with one restaurant se▓rving Peking duck, one department store for foreigners, and at most three hotels for international tourists.This summer, Beijing welcomes an estimated 450,000 overseas tourists▓, including 40,000 athletes, coaches, officials, and journalists. They are expected to spend some $4.5 billion.They find a city transformed. Beijing tod▓ay offers not only superb facilities but ▓also excellent service for visitors, whether they ▓seek dining, shoppi

ng, or accommodations.Macao▓ people's food and beverage is made up of Chinese cuisine and foreign dish, among them, the ▓Chinese c

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es recreated f rom China's▓ most famous novel will bring your palate on a journe y ▓tinted with the color of ficti on.There are lots of tim e honored re staurants in Beiji ng like this one . And some of th em are hundr ▓eds of years old. They all specialize in dif ferent foo d, ▓like Shao Mai, roast duck or royal food. Some  specialize in the cuisines of Sichuan, Shando 绥化市5G 新邵县wap 紫金县5G 许昌市wap 珲春市5G 辽宁5G 永修县wap 宣化县wap 南漳县5G 旺苍县5G 海兴县wap 高阳县wap 泾县wap 灌南县wap 太湖县wap 溆浦县5G 赣榆县wap 山东省wap 巩义市5G 绥化市wap 2018年传奇私服排行榜 盛大传奇私服官网 今日新开传奇私服1.80 单职业传奇私服网站发布网 传奇私服单机登陆器 传奇私服补丁解压无效 反劫持传奇私服网址 传奇私服排行榜 超级变态传奇私服网站新开网 传奇私服手机单机版